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Viamac 2/0

R 200.00

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  • Viamac is a pure polymer derived from Glycolic acid, finely braided and coated with the co-polymers of Glycolide, Lactide and Calcium Sterate. The coating bonds naturally with the thread, which glides easily through tissue. Reduced surface friction means minimal trauma.
  • The material is very soft, handles well, with knots easy to place and good holding characteristics. Cosmetic results are excellent with minimal tissue reaction.
  • Viamac gives maximum support through the critical first few days of wound healing, assisting until the healing process is complete, then rapid absorption takes place. The loss of tensile strength is very predictable at all stages of the healing process.
  • Meets USP standards for all gauges of braided synthetic absorbable material.
  • Available in violet or un-dyed in sizes USP 2 (5 metric) to USP 6/0 (0.7 metric).

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