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We are a company that manufacture Darts (remote Drug Delivery Systems). The dart will be shot from a dart rifle or projector.

Some of the best prodders in the World

✔ Copper Tip

✔ Works on wet and dry animals

✔ Integrated design

✔ Durable charger

✔ Simple to operate

✔ On/Off switch to prevent accidental discharge

✔ Light weight

Dr Lefuno - SAN Parks

Dr Lefuno - SAN Parks

We dehorned 16 rhinos today using Motsumi rhino darts, they are impressive.
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Dr Louis Greeff - Rhino Darts

Dr Louis Greeff - Rhino Darts

I just want to congratulate Dawid with his new Rhino darts.....I did almost a 100 Rhino now with them and did not had one failure. It is a convenient dart to use and the big thing is it "stick". They dont bounce. Even on Giraffe.
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Dr Andre Uys

Dr Andre Uys

Hi Folks, Dr Pretorius has got his rhino darts spot on!! Well done David, they work like a dream and fly beautifully! You plan with the screw in needle, sealed tip and side ports has done the trick!!
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