Dart Projector - The Motsumi Sanna

We are very excited about our locally manufactured dart rifle (Projector)

We have been working on it for about a year and the time has come to give you cutting edge technology!

Let us know if you are interested by dropping us an email

Expecting the release to be on the 21st of February 2021! 

Lookout for the Motsumi Sanna - The name brings back the nostalgia of a trusted musket used in the old wars.

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  • Cartridge Fired 
  • 6 Settings for Distance
  • In-Line Barrel and Action (Much more Comfortable)
  • Rapid Dart Loading design
  • Awesome for helicopter work
  • Trusted CZ455 action
  • Laminated Stock

* Only available in South-Africa for the first few months after release. Soon to be available in the USA.