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Marking Darts and PCP Contraception in Elephants

Motsumi Marking darts have been used to do contraception in 80+ elephant in the Limpopo province. 

What is the advantage of using a Motsumi Marking dart? Our darts have a unique feedback mechanism that will only mark an animal if it received more than 95%  of the total dose. This means that you have the peace of mind knowing your animal have received a sufficient dose. 

In elephant being treated with PCP the vet, pilot and client knows there are no calves to be expected from the cows for the next cycle. It also saves alot of time identifying animals that have or have not been darted. Saving you helicopter time and redarting time. 

Have a look at some of these beautiful pictures illustrating the darts in action.


You can see the dart clearly sticking out on this cow.

You can nicely spot and identify the cows darted.

Even in thick bush you are still able to see the marked elephants.

Marking Darts

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